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Latest stabile: LearnLoop 1.1
Features: Create courses, groups, file resources, forums, threded forums, homepages. Mail handling, quiz and peer review (beta). Comes with English, Swedish and Spanish. You can make your own translation in a textfile.

Latest development release: 12/2-06 [ learnloop2.0beta7.tar.gz ]
Features: Create courses, groups, file resources, link resource, forums, bugtracking, easy translation for admin, guest login with limited permissions, normal login or integreated with Windows-server or YP/NIS. In normal mode you can add users from text file. Modular built.
If safe-mode is "of" this modules is working: chat, easy webpage creation.
Mail handling with integrated crossbrowser wysiwyg-editor (HtmlArea3).
Development releases are only for beta testing! There are bugs. Live betademo
Partly ready modules: SCORM-content handling, Quiz.

You can find the latest developed code at our CVS.

You can also find all files for LearnLoop at sourceforge.



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