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The coordinator and developers of the first Learnloop-source were Daniel Önnerby and Per Åsberg with help from Britt Klintenberg (who wrote the documentation) at the Viktoria Institute and The Council For IT in Education at Gothenburg Business School, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

Today´s developers:

Name main role Sourceforge name
Daniel Önnerby,
Gothenburg; Sweden
Author for LL2
Iván Campaña N., Ecuador Developer nanoboy
Daniela Ochoa, Ecuador Developer
Not active right now
Per Åsberg, Gothenburg; Sweden Developer(LL1)/Mentor
Not active right now
Martin Wilderoth, Sweden Developer
Not active right now
Mattias Georgsson, Gothenburg; Sweden Not yet active developer mage0200
Magnus Olsson, lhs Stlm, Sweden Not yet active developer ser0n
Birger Eriksson, Köping; Sweden Former Developer birgereriksson

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And You?

LearnLoop is an Open Source (GPL) project aimed at developing. We welcome other programmers to participate in the development of the source.
Contact one of the developers if you are interested or want to share modules and themes you have made.


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